Just like with most particular reproduction of reptiles, bearded dragons are often targeted as projects themselves. What happens is if there are several bearded dragons which have some unique characteristics, say they’re big, they have really vibrant colors, or no matter what the case may be, the end result is totally new bearded dragons with even more more powerful of these outlined characteristics. So let’s say you have a number of bearded dragons which have yellow about there jaws. Then you want to breed them, the result will be a set of bearded dragons that have even more yellowish about there jaws, then their young would have much more yellow, etc before you would have a set that would show almost an entire yellowish body. While this may appear like an easy task it ought to actually be left to your professional breeder. The reason why you can’t just breed brother and sibling, is simply because each and every time you breed of dog you run the chance of growing problems and genetic deformities. There’s lots of risk involved and require to really know what you’re doing in order to have success with this type of technique. The rest of us can nevertheless, profit from the selective reproduction projects of those professionals in the form of new and spectacular varieties of bearded dragon.

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Sandfire Bearded Dragons

Sandfire bearded dragons initially showed up during the early 1990’s. There one of the first genetically manipulated bearded dragons. They are particular bred from other bearded dragon which includes most orange and red within their natural coloration. The title sandfire came from the sandfire dragon ranch where these people were initially created by their owner Bob Mailloux. The sandfire dragons that are mainly a crimson and fire-red color are classified as sandfire reds, and those that are wealthy yellowish and mustard golden are known as sandfire golds.

Gold Dragons

An additional colour is the precious metal dragon which first started in the 1990s. These are generally bred from dragons who have each red and golden hues. These dragons also may discuss some genetic makeup with the sandfire dragons.


These dragons are type of a blend involving the great red coloring from the sandfire dragons and the vibrant precious metal colouring from the precious metal dragons. The head and jaws are bright yellow and then there flanks are a crimson colour, they may be truly some thing to check out. Some may even state that they look like radioactive, since they are so vibrant.


They are also called ruby red. They are bred from dragons who have plenty of red inside their colouring. These may show up just as if there soaked in blood.

Pale Types

Not everybody seems to like these red-colored, yellow, and gold animals. But that’s Okay because there’s a wide array of various color varieties to pick from. There is a leucistic dragon. This dragon is practically completely white. These are not albino but they look just like a ghost. You will find real albino dragons that do really exist, and in addition they have some which can be known as snowfall- dragons that are a similar all white-colored coloration as the leucistic dragon.

German Leaders

The German giants are bred from beardies which are bigger in proportions and a have more of any sturdier bone tissue framework. These types of beardies had been brought in to Germany within the 1980’s and thus adopted the name German Leaders. To evaluate one of these to your regular size dragon, a German giant is around 50 Percent weightier than normal dragons. Also the German huge ddmegs may lay around 65 eggs as well as a standard bearded dragon woman may have around 25- 28 eggs. When first determining what color variation to get as being a very first time dragon buy, I recommend investing in a normal one purchased at your neighborhood pet store. This is because so you may check if becoming a beardie keeper is the cup of tea, otherwise then selling one is a great deal simpler than it might be to purchase a more rare colour variance and try to market it. Additionally it’s also much more expensive to purchase one of these rare dragons.

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