What Is the Root Canal Therapy Instrument? The root canal therapy instrument is additionally called a root canal motor. It is a precision electronic instrument designed to decrease the work concentration of the doctor, replace the manual enlargement of the root canal, enhance effectiveness and save time, and prepare a more standard root canal.

The dental root canal therapy instrument is one of the healthcare instrument of stomatology, which consists of two parts: the irrigating device and the suction gadget. The flushing gadget enables the pressurized air to get into the flushing head through the water pump, air storage space tank and stream regulating valve. The suction power device pulls out the necrotic tissue within the underlying canal through the filter, vacuum, closed-away device, exhaust valve, flow regulating device, suction head. The suction power head is a key area of the tool. It contains stretchy connections, Root Canal Needle tubes and manages. The stretchy connections can be produced into wedges. The instrument combines watering and suction, which can safely and rapidly extract the necrotic elements in the underlying canal in the teeth, so the teeth can be taken care of smoothly.

Based on the working basic principle of the root canal therapy instrument can be separated into: ultrasonic root canal therapy tool and microscope underlying canal treatment instrument.

1. Ultrasonic Root Canal Therapeutic Equipment

The ultrasonic underlying canal treatment instrument is made up of an ultrasonic emission system plus an irrigation system. It has two cleaning methods, chemical substance and mechanical. The “cavitation” impact of ultrasonic surf can greatly enhance the antibacterial effect of the watering solution, which can necrosis within the root canal. Tissue and harmful toxins are purged out. Its working basic principle is to use the ultrasonic launch system to help make the expansion needle (as shown within the shape) vibrate three-dimensionally, as well as the liquid squirt system for root canal planning.

The benefits of the ultrasonic root canal therapy instrument are: the ultrasonic technology has biological effects, mechanical effects, energy effects and cavitation phenomena that mix the above 3 functions, and can successfully kill various bacteria within the underlying canal. Ultrasonic root canal planning has great continuous irrigation, which can timely remove necrotic cells particles inside the underlying canal, effectively reduce the volume of microorganisms within the root canal, and get away from the piston motion in the instrument inside the infected root canal. So that the infected materials within the underlying canal is not easy to exceed the main apex. Due to the vibrations in the ultrasonic file alone, it is less laborious to twist and draw with your fingers. It only needs to perform the raising and placing motion instead of the revolving motion, so the breaking up price of the device and the incident rate of the gadget dropping into the mouth area in the patient and being swallowed unintentionally are cut down tremendously. Due to the fluid spraying device, there is no have to stop for flushing, conserving procedure time.

2. Microscope root canal therapy tool

Microscope root canal therapy instrument is a mix of microscope technology and medical technologies. Dental apex locator can clearly see the tooth anatomy and underlying canal morphology. Whether it be traditional underlying canal therapy or apical microsurgery, it can allow doctors to guard the standard tissues of individuals, thereby boosting the success rate of therapy, shortening the recovery time, and decreasing pain. , The postoperative wound is smaller.


1. Built-in rechargeable battery power, very easy to operate. Battery power display (displays the power of the built-in battery power, flashes when charging), torque show (shows the torque once the motor unit is operating), velocity show (100~625r/minutes) The speed of every equipment increases or reduces by 25r/minutes.

2. This machine has many different memory features, physicians can set various torque and speed in accordance with various kinds of growth needles, very easy to operate.

3. Along the way of growing the basis canal, following the expansion needle torque exceeds the set worth, in order to avoid side penetration and needle damage, the electrical engine will automatically change, and the doctor can also modify the handbook converting from the machine based on the real situation.

4. The machine adopts a big Liquid crystal display screen display, which can intuitively see the operation from the machine on screen.

5. In order to lessen the monetary stress in the doctor and much better sterilize the situation, use a 1:1 low-velocity bending head as well as a better Endodontic Plugger.

Safety measures to use

1. To regulate the torque and velocity, it is recommended to set the torque manage engine as well as the matching velocity. Pursuing the torque suggested by the broadened needle producer, speed is extremely important for treatment safety.

2. Measure the length of the instrument every time it enters the root canal. For a longer time equipment increase the chance of twisting and breaking up. Equipped with underlying canal duration measuring instrument, caliper, etc. for operating duration way of measuring.

3. Correct operation is very important: usually do not apply pressure and force in the tip. The main Root Canal Instrument must not stay in the root canal for as well long.

4. The breakage of the instrument mostly happens in molars, especially in the slim and slim underlying canals like the upper canal and mandibular molars. The mesial underlying canal should be addressed with excellent care before treatment.

5. Curved underlying canals, re-treatment and calcified root canals need special gear and methods, and it is advisable to utilize a new growth needle.

6. Establish a directly road to have a smooth root canal, pay attention to gestures throughout procedure, and try to ensure that the growth needle as well as the underlying canal path will be in line to reduce the twisting level of resistance of the growth needle inside the crown as well as the stress on the tool.

7. The basis canal needs to be kept sufficiently moisturized and rinsed every time it is ready.

8. Because the internal root canal is narrow, usually do not use pressure to the expansion needle throughout procedure. The cutting should be finished solely by the strength of the machine alone and also the razor-sharp side of the expansion needle.

9. In the case of insufficient encounter, it is actually safest to utilize the suggested minimum torque. Generally speaking, lower velocity will extend the clinical lifetime of the unit and minimize the chance of breaking up.

10. Pick a good growth needle and control the number of times during use: when you use it, you should observe regardless of whether there is cable sketching or deformation. If you discover something, you must dispose of it soon enough, or you will be sorry.

11. Right after every use, it is recommended to document the vwpszr number of uses to prevent fatigue in the tool; the particles in the expanded needle advantage ought to be cleaned consistently in time and designed with a cleaning table.

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